Poaka Finocchiona Salami – Whole

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Poaka award winning fermented and matured whole salami. The real deal. Minimum of 700g


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“Poaka hand-crafted finocchiona salami is so reminiscent of the really premium salamis of Italy, you feel transported. The salami is traditionally fermented and matured, has the perfect fat-to-meat ratio and is delicately flavoured with fennel seeds.” Cuisine Artisan Awards head judge Fiona Smith.

Award winning traditionally fermented and matured Poaka Free Range Pork salami with a sweet fennel note. Coarsely ground Poaka free range Pork, blended  with just the right amount of silky smooth Poaka pork fat.  Seasoned with a hint of organic sweet fennel seed, garlic, black pepper and New Zealand organic Merlot wine. Poaka Finocchiona salami, a true classic and a perfect addition to platters or just sliced thinly and enjoyed! Matured for up to 3 months, Poaka’s salami have a firm texture and can be sliced paper thin. See our FAQ on Gluten in our products.

Extra Product Information

Poaka only uses natural  casings for our salamis. This allows natural white penicillium mould to colonize the surface. Resulting in an incredibly smooth flavour and an authentic looking salami.

Whole salami weigh minimum of 700g. However due the the varying nature of the natural casings we use, you may get more!

Poaka Pork (95%),
Red Wine* (Sulphites),
Sea salt*, Garlic*, Fennel Seed*, Black Pepper*
Raw Sugar*, Preservative
(250,251), Live culture.
Contains Sulphites
*Certified organic

Salami storage and serving

Our salami’s are shelf stable (they don’t require refrigeration) and can be safely stored at room temperature. So to maintain top product quality, we recommend keeping your salami in the fridge, or a suitable cool and dark place. Before you eat your salami, remove from the fridge, slice as thinly as you can and allow the sliced salami to come up to room temperature. This brings out the maximum flavour for best enjoyment. For more information please read our Salami storage and serving page.

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  1. Mike S

    Amazing depth of flavour, best salami I have found in NZ. Thanks

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