The word “cure” comes from the Latin root meaning “…to take care of…”. And that pretty much sums up what we do at Poaka to bring you the best cured, fermented, and matured free range pork products. Our heritage breed Tamworth’s, Berkshire’s and Wessex saddleback pigs deliver a whole new taste experience. Slow grown on open pasture and a premium supplemented diet, with a portion of our herd finished each autumn using our own Sweet Chestnuts, Poaka cured, fermented and matured pork delivers that “melt in your mouth” texture that you traditionally find in the best artisan salumi and charcuterie in Spain, Italy, and France. There it’s a culinary art form. Poaka is raising the “boar(d)” in New Zealand, and your taste buds will testify how ham-tastic our product really is!

Poaka’s vision is to deliver something to our customers that traditionally they can only get by purchasing ultra-premium imported products. There is a whole world of cured and fermented meat deliciousness  waiting to be savoured. But to deliver the level of respect required to produce “the real thing”, you need to choose the right genetics, the right outdoor husbandry system, and have access to the right tree crops. In Spain they finish their finest in the “dehesa”. In Italy they finish the rare Cinta Senese pigs on Chestnuts. 25yrs ago we planted our sweet chestnuts and today they help us bring the best tongue coating Salami’s, Prosciutto, Coppa, Lomo, Culatello, Pancetta, dry cured bacon and sausages, cared for the real way, to Godzone. Look out for our seasonal “Chestnut Edition” products.

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