Poaka Products Now Available at Freshchoice Merivale

We are really excited to announce that you can now buy our amazing free range streaky and loin bacon along with our sliced Genoa and Finocchiona salami at Freshchoice Merivale. Our product will be available at more stores in the coming months, stay tuned!

Poaka named runner up in the 2018 Cuisine Artisan Awards!

We are absolutely thrilled to be named runner up in the 2018 Cuisine Artisan Award! It’s a huge recognition for all the hard work we put into our farm, animals and products. Thank you NZ food awards and Cuisine Magazine. You can read the story here 

Country of origin food labeling bill passes third reading!

Poaka New Zealand Flag
Poaka Free Range Pork, born and farmed in Canterbury, New Zealand!

It’s a little known fact that over 85 percent of the pork used in bacon and ham sold in New Zealand comes from overseas countries, and 95 percent of that’s from countries with worse animal welfare standards than New Zealand! This new Country of origin food labeling allows the New Zealand consumer to know exactly where the pork used to make the bacon and ham really came from.  Of course all our products use only pork bred and farmed in Canterbury, New Zealand by us!

Poaka features in Stuff

Stuff reporters came out to the Poaka farm to have a look at our free range heritage breed pigs and butchery. They published a really nice article with a great video on what we are doing which you can read about it here on the stuff website

Poaka Named as a Finalist in the 2018 New Zealand Food Awards!


Our whole and sliced Finocchiona salami is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand Food Awards!

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