Traditionally Made Free Range Salami

All our Salami’s are naturally fermented and then matured, for up to 4 months.  And we don’t just use meat trimmings in our salami. Pork shoulder, loin, leg, some of the best sustainably farmed, acorn and sweet chestnut free range pork cuts, all go into our Salami’s. We only use certified organic ingredients, and where possible we source products and ingredients from local, New Zealand businesses.  Our unique pork fat and meat characteristics deliver the mouthfeel of the best in the world. Many of our chef customers say it’s the best they’ve tasted outside of Italy, France and Spain! We don’t smoke or cook our Salami’s, they are just fermented and matured like the best salamis in the world are.  Our traditional methods allow natural white mould  to grow on the outside of the natural casings. This live “flora” adds another smooth flavor dimension to our salami’s.

Poaka Range of salami

  • Finocchiona– Made with organic Fennel seeds, organic garlic, organic malbrough sea salt, organic black pepper and organic New Zealand Merlot Wine, Finocchiona ( pronounce it “Fin-O-key-O-na”) is perfect for your platter and a classic favourite.
  • Genoa –  A garlic focused salami containing just our best free range, acorn and sweet chestnut finished pork, organic garlic,  organic black pepper and organic New Zealand Merlot Wine. Simply delicious!
  • Chorizo – Made with the best and simplest ingredients, our own selected cuts of ground free range pork, organic garlic, salt, and the finest Spanish smoked pimenton, and spices, our Chorizo transports you straight to Catalonia, it’s birthplace

Dry Cured Free Range Bacon

We use the same Poaka Acon and Sweet chestnut finished, free range pork to make our delicious bacon. There is no water at all added to our bacon, in fact water is removed from the bacon during our dry curing process. This results in very little shrinkage of the bacon when cooking, intense flavour, outstanding Crispy bacon every time! We produce two bacon products, Dry cured loin and Dry cured streaky bacon. They are both made exactly the same way, dry cured in our own mix of organic Canadian Maple syrup and organic Malbrough sea salt, the difference is the cut of pork used. We do not smoke any of our bacon, so you can enjoy the delicious natural flavour of our Pork. We slice all of our bacon 4mm thick so you get the real bacon experience! 

  • Dry Cured Loin Bacon – we take the best Poaka free range pork loin cuts, coat them in organic Malbrough sea salt, pure organic Canadian maple syrup and let them slowly cure. Our loin bacon is a leaner cut but still has a nice fat cap.
  • Dry Cured Streaky Bacon – Delicious Poaka pork belly is coated in the same organic Malbrough sea salt, pure organic Canadian maple syrup and slowly cured. Pork belly is made up of several layers of meat and fat and makes for delicious crispy bacon.  

Fresh Free Range Pork Sausages

We don’t sell any fresh Pork, so some of the best cuts of our beautiful Poaka free range pork go into our Fresh Sausages. This makes the most amazing foundation for our time-honored range of sausages. We use simple, classic flavour combinations and keep the level of spices and herbs to a minimum so the flavour of our Poaka Pork is the star! All our fresh sausages are Contain NO Preservatives, See our FAQ on Gluten in our products.

oaka Fresh Free Range Pork Sausages


Whole Muscle Products – Free Range Salumi / Charcuterie

  • Coppa – also known as Capocollo or Capicola, the Coppa muscle comes from the top of the pork shoulder and runs into neck muscle, the muscle that our free range pigs do all the digging with! It cured in organic salt, organic garlic and organic black pepper and then hung to slowly mature. High in intermuscular fat, thinly sliced it coats your tongue in pork deliciousness.
  • Lomo – also known as Lonzino or lonza, Lomo is made from the Pork loin muscle. This is the beautiful long lean muscle running down the length of the back of the pig. The loin is prized for its beautiful tender texture and it is also a nice lean cut, however we leave a nice fat cap on the loin when curing to deliver a rich, smooth flavour. As with all our other whole muscle products, our philosophy is “simple is good”, so we cure our Lomo in organic New Zealand salt, organic black pepper and a little bit of organic garlic. We then slowly mature this stunning cut of cured pork to dry and intensiy the flavours.  
  • Culatello – our take of one of the most prized salumi in Italy, Using only the best hind quarter muscle of our acorn and sweet chestnut finished pigs, we use nothing but our best free range pork, organic salt, organic garlic, organic black pepper and time.
  • Pancetta – Italian style bacon. Pancetta is made from our free range pork belly. We cure the belly with organic New Zealand salt, black pepper and organic garlic. The belly is then slowly matured into pancetta which has an extraordinary flavour.   
  • Proscuitto – possibly one of the best known, classic Italian salumi products and for good reason, its delicious with an amazing texture. Taking whole legs or hams from our free range pigs, we cure, rest and mature these impressive cuts of pork.  This does take time (some of the best takes 36 months!) and we’re slowly building up our inventory. Enjoy when it’s available.
Poaka free range coppa