Traditionally Made Salami

All our Salami’s are naturally fermented and then matured, for between 6 and 16 weeks, depending on the size and style of salami.  And we don’t just use meat trimmings in our salami. Pork belly, leg, and shoulder pork, some of the best cuts, all go into our Salami’s. Wherever possible and available we only use certified organic ingredients, and products and ingredients sourced from local New Zealand businesses.  Our unique pork fat and meat characteristics deliver the mouthfeel of the best in the world. Many of our chef customers say it’s the best they’ve tasted outside of Italy, France and Spain! We don’t smoke or cook our Salami’s.  Our all natural methods result in a flavour and texture enhancing mould growing on the outside of our casings. This live “flora” adds another flavor dimension to our salami’s.

  • Finocchiona– Made with Fennel seeds, organic garlic, salt, pepper and Red Wine, Finocchiona ( pronounce it “Fin-O-key-O-na”) is perfect for your platter and a classic favourite.
  • Chorizo– Made with the best and simplest ingredients, our own selected cuts of ground free range pork, organic garlic, salt, and the finest Spanish smoked pimenton, and spices, our Chorizo transports you straight to Catalonia, it’s birthplace
  • Genoa –  A garlic focused salami containing just our best free range pork, organic garlic, pepper and Red Wine.

Dry Cured Bacon

There is no water at all added to our bacon, in fact a lot of water is removed from the bacon during the dry curing process. This results in very little shrinkage of the bacon when cooking and a satisfying sizzle!

  • Maple Dry Cured – we take the best Poaka free range pork belly and pork loin cuts, coat them in organic sea salt, pure canadian maple syrup and select spices and let them slowly cure.

Fresh Sausages

We don’t sell fresh Pork, so some of the best cuts of our beautiful Poaka free range pork go into our Fresh Sausages. This makes the most amazing foundation for our time-honored range of sausages. We use simple, classic flavour combinations and keep the level of spices and herbs to a minimum so the flavour of our Poaka Pork is the star! 

Whole Muscle Products – Coming Soon

  • Coppa – Sometimes called Capocollo, the Coppa comes from the shoulder and neck muscle, the muscle that our free range pigs do all the digging with! It is organic  salt cured, gently spiced and then hung to slowly mature. High in intermuscular fat, thinly sliced it coats your tongue in pork deliciousness.
  • Lomo – sometimes known as Lonza, our Lomo is cut from the pork loin. Naturally tender, we salt cure and spice our Lomo and then slowly mature it.
  • Pancetta – Sometimes called “Italian Bacon”, our Pancetta is pork belly that is organic salt and spiced cured, before it is hung to mature. It is often used as a replacement for bacon in cooking.
  • Culatello – our take of one of the most prized salumi in Italy, Using only the best hind quarter muscle of our Tamworth or Berkshire pigs, we use nothing but the best meat, organic salt, and time.
  • Proscuitto – possibly one of the best known, classic Italian salumi products and for good reason, its delicious with an amazing texture. Taking whole Tamworth or Berkshire legs, we cure, rest and mature these impressive cuts of pork.  This does take time (some of the best takes 36 months!) and we’re slowly building up our inventory. Enjoy when it’s available.
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