Poaka free range salami products

Poaka New Zealand produces a range of handcrafted artisan Salami, cured whole muscles and dry cured bacon using only the finest free range pork, which we farm, in New Zealand, and the best ingredients. Our products are bursting with flavour and are made using traditional methods, with time and care, something that large producers can’t claim! Salumi is the Italian word for a large range of cured, fermented and dried meats, mostly made from pork, yes Salami is a type of Salumi!

Poaka named runner up in the 2018 New Zealand Food Awards!

The pork we use in our products is from pigs that we raise on our large farm, located in Aylesbury, about 30 km west of Christchurch.  The pigs are totally free range, live their whole life on pasture and the farming practices exceed the highest animal welfare codes. The pigs are heritage breeds or rare breed pigs; they don’t grow the fastest, but they have outstanding flavour and tenderness and are very healthy animals. The pigs live on our farm and have access to a wide range of pasture and other delicious forage and they can socialize and live a happy, healthy life. In the autumn time, our pigs forage in our large sweet chestnut orchard and feast on the delicious nuts!  This results in a superior meat, which in turn makes for an exceptional product which needs to be tried to be believed!

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