Poaka have worked really hard to craft our award winning salami’s and deliver them from our “paddocks to your plate”. We recommend following the below guidelines for storing and serving your whole Poaka salami for maximum enjoyment.


Poaka’s Salami’s are shelf stable and can be stored at room temperature. However, to maintain the best product quality we recommend:

  • Whole Salami – Store your Whole Salami in its original packaging. Poaka’s products like to breathe as there is living flora on the outside of the product. The original packaging allows the product to breath. If storing the salami in the original packaging is not possible or practical, we recommend either wrapping in greaseproof paper. Best to keep in the fridge.
  • Half Salami – Poaka’s half Salami’s are vacuum packed prior to shipping. As the cut end is no longer protected by the casing, the vacuum protects the cut end. When you receive your salami, we recommend removing it from the vacuum pack and wrap it in grease proof paper for storage. Best to keep in the fridge.
  • Keep your salami cool. While the product is safe to keep at room temperature, to ensure the best product quality we recommend storing it below 13⁰C. The easiest way to achieve this is to keep it in the fridge.

Alternatively, hang your Poaka Salami in a cool (we recommend less than 13⁰C) dry place (not too much air flow), out of its packaging, to allow the salami to further mature.

For long term storage of your salami we recommend peeling the casing off the salami and vacuum packing. Ensure a good vacuum.


  • Slice thinly – Poaka’s salami have a bold and complex flavour, so we recommend slicing the salami thinly for best mouth feel and taste. Our hand salami slicer an excellent tool for this.
  • Remove the casing – Poaka salami casings are a natural product and the salami can be eaten with the casing still on. However, we recommend peeling the casing off prior to slicing and eating. However, this is personal preference.
  • Serve at room temperature – If your salami has been kept in the fridge (recommended), after slicing, allow the sliced salami to rest at room temperature (approx. 20⁰C) for 5 minutes prior to serving. Enjoy your salami at its best.