Our name Poaka literally translates to “Pig” in the Māori language. We chose this name as it really sums up what we do, everything we do is with our stunning free range acorn and sweet chestnut pigs. We breed our pigs, sustainably free range farm our pigs, feed them a delicious diet of Acorns, Sweet chestnuts, grass and other good stuff, process our pigs and turn the pork into our range of tasty products. Poaka is a true “Paddock to Plate” producer!

Poaka makes a unique range of artisan Salumi (the Italian word for cured, fermented, and air matured meats). Salumi is also sometimes referred to as charcuterie, however charcuterie generally includes cooked pork products, which we do not make.  Poaka is located in Aylesbury, just west of Christchurch, New Zealand. All Poaka product are made in our own MPI approved (Registration Number MPI000417), butchery to the highest food safety standards.

To make the best possible product, we’ve chosen to exclusively develop a herd of Free range, Heritage Breed pigs (Tamworth’s, Berkshire’s and Wessex saddleback) on our farm . Poaka’s free range pigs are all finished on acorns and sweet chestnuts and provide all the pork for our melt-in-your mouth, traditional style, handcrafted salami, whole muscle products, bacon and sausages. Our totally free range pigs are born in our pasture, raised in our pasture, and finished in our pasture. Additional to being fed delicious acorns and sweet chestnuts, a large portion of our free range pigs diet is derived from foraging in our pastures. Also in the autumn we let some of our pigs into our Sweet Chestnut orchard where they feast on the delicious nuts. We harvest the balance of our chestnut crop and store for feeding our pigs throughout the year.   The saying “you are what you eat”  makes a difference in our pigs, and it shines through in our products.

The result?

New Zealand’s version of the delicious historical artefact that is cared for cured, fermented, and air dried salami, dry cured pork, dry cured bacon and fresh sausages. Poaka’s products are right up there with those traditionally produced in the birthplaces of these gastronomic delicacies. And we want to be even better! We bring to New Zealand consumers, the highest quality home grown taste; one they normally have to travel along way to find.

If you have any questions about our products or want to talk about what we do please contact us.