Free Range Coppa

60g Pack of our Free range, acorn and sweet chestnut finished Coppa, sliced thinly.


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Poaka free range Coppa – also known as Capocollo or Capicola. The Coppa muscle comes from the top of the pork shoulder and runs towards the head. This is the muscle that our free range pigs do all the digging and rooting with! We cure the Coppa in organic New Zealand salt, organic garlic and organic black pepper, that’s it! Nice and simple to let the character and sweetness of our acorn and sweet chestnut finished heritage breed pork shine. After curing we hand the Coppa up in our aging room to slowly mature and intensify the flavour and character of the meat. A finishing diet rich in acorns and sweet chestnuts, Poaka Coppa is high in beautiful intermuscular fat. Thinly sliced it is salumi/charcuterie at its finest.

Poaka Pork, Sea salt*, Garlic*, Black Pepper*
Preservative (250,251)
*Certified organic

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