Free Range Leaf Lard – Rendered

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Free range organically farmed Poaka leaf lard rendered over a low heat and packed in compostable bowls. 500mL pack


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We have taken our superb free range heritage breed leaf lard, gently rendered it down using low heat over several hours and packaged in compostable food grade “BIOBOWL’S”. We have done all the hard work so it’s ready to use right from the pack. Our free range organically farmed Poaka leaf lard has a taste/flavour neutral profile, meaning you get full body in you cooking from using quality leaf lard but not the strong pork/animal flavour form using inferior products.

Leaf lard is a great alternative to using seed or vegetable oils (canola, soy, sunflower oils etc) for cooking and makes a great replacement for butter or seed and vegetable oils cooking or frying. Leaf lard is perfect for roasting potatoes, vegetables, making the best pastry and any other cooking requiring butter or vegetable oils. Rendering over a low heat for several hours gives a beautiful snow white lard and keeps all the good healthy fats and qualities of leaf lard in perfect condition.  500 ml pack.

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1 review for Free Range Leaf Lard – Rendered

  1. sophie.jae

    Excellent leaf lard, will definitely purchase again!

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