Poaka Free Range Ham Roast – Bone in

2.5kg – 3kg of Poaka Free Range Pork Shoulder, bone in, skin on and vacuum packed.


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Create a delicious meal with some of our true free range, pasture raised, acorn and sweet chestnut finished pork ham roast! You will then understand the true delight of top quality free range pork. Our free range pork ham is bursting with flavor and is an excellent roasting cut of pork. The ham is bone in and vacuum packed and approx 2.5kg – 3kg. Its then up to you to your work your magic on. We keep the skin on our free range pork ham for beautiful pork crackling and bone in for flavor. There is plenty of silky smooth, acorn and sweet chestnut infused back fat on the ham. Antibiotic, preservative free and farmed organically and sustainably!

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Weight 2.7 kg