Spanish Chorizo Mince

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PLEASE NOTE: Our Spanish Chorizo is as a mince and NOT cased as sausages, it is still 500g per pack. It is perfect for any dish requiring chorizo mince, such as a Ragout. A good dose of the finest sweet spanish smoked pimenton (paprika), a touch of hot pimenton, garlic and organic black pepper and of course or Poaka free range heritage breed pork. If you appreciate a good chorizo or just like amazing flavour you won’t be disappointed. No preservatives and no ingredients contain Gluten*.

All our sausages and bacon are dispatched on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon each week using the Courier Post overnight service. The sausages and bacon are packed in a special insulated cardboard shipping container along with an ice pack, which keep the items chilled for 48 hours to ensure your purchase arrives in a perfect and safe condition. The insulated cardboard shipping container can be reused or you can put it in the recycling bin where it is processed as normal cardboard.

Pork,  Water, Buck wheat*,
Sea salt*, Sweet Pimenton, Hot Pimenton, Garlic, Black Pepper*
*Certified organic

Keep refrigerated below
4 Deg C. Cook thoroughly
before eating.

* We make every effort to ensure our sausages are free of gluten, only use ingredients that naturally contain no gluten  and only source our ingredients from reputable local suppliers.

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