Poaka Free Range Pork Shoulder Roast – Ribeye

2.5kg – 3kg of Poaka Free Range Pork Shoulder, bone in, skin on and vacuum packed.


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Cook up some of our true free range, pasture raised, acorn and sweet chestnut finished pork shoulder. You will then understand the true delight of top quality free range pork. Our free range pork shoulder is bursting with flavor and is the perfect roasting cut of pork. The shoulder is bone in and vacuum packed and approx 2.5kg – 3kg. Its then up to you to your work your magic on. We keep the skin on our free range pork shoulder for beautiful pork crackling and bone in for extra flavor. There is approx 10 – 25mm of silky smooth, acorn and sweet chestnut infused back fat on the shoulder. Antibiotic, preservative free and farmed organically and sustainably!

Our pigs are older than typical commodity pork and have been running around our farm outside in big paddocks eating lots of good stuff, so there is amazing flavor in our pork and heaps of nourishing nutrients, good fats and antioxidants. However our pork benefits from a long, slow cook to maximize the tenderness. For example this cut of free range pork when we cook it at home, we put it in the oven at 130℃ for 3 hours. We add 1 cup of water and a good splash (1/8 cup) of apple cider vinegar to the roasting pan and rub with salt, garlic, black pepper, brown sugar and cook uncovered. We then baste and add more water if necessary, tightly cover the roasting dish with foil, and cook for a further 4 – 6 hours at 140℃. The bone falls out, the skin comes off( you can crackle this), the the pork pulls apart beautifully. Yummy, nourishing and heathy.

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