Poaka Dry Cured Streaky Bacon

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300g vacuum pack. Sliced 4mm thick

True Free range bacon cured in organic New Zealand sea salt and organic Canadian maple syrup.


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Poaka free range streaky bacon is made with best cuts of Poaka free range, acorn and sweet chestnut finished, heritage breed, dry cured pork belly. We then slowly cure the pork belly over several weeks with organic New Zealand salt and pure organic Canadian maple Syrup. Result, delicious, mouth watering Free range bacon at its finest! The pork belly is extremely tender and has beautiful layers of meat and fat.  Our bacon is rindless and not pre cooked or smoked. Sliced 4mm thick for the real bacon experience. Gluten Free

Poaka dry cured free range bacon has no added water, in fact our dry curing process actually removes water from the bacon. So our free range bacon crisps up beautifully, doesn’t shrivel up when cooked and remains sweet and tender.

Our fresh free range sausages and free range bacon are dispatched on Thursday afternoon each week using the Courier Post overnight service. The sausages and bacon are packed in a special insulated cardboard shipping container along with an ice pack. This keeps the items chilled for 48 hours, and ensures your purchase arrives in a perfect and safe condition. The insulated cardboard shipping container can be reused or you can put it in the recycling bin where it is processed as normal cardboard.

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5 reviews for Poaka Dry Cured Streaky Bacon

  1. Rachel Jones

    Hiya, I’m emailing to heap praise on your fantastic products. The bacon was the best I’ve ever had and the fennel sausage I just ate for lunch was superb!

  2. Jane Holland

    Crisps up beautifully, great maple flavour but without being too sweet.

  3. nigel.stephanie

    Top bacon, sliced thicker than the usual bacon available, amazing flavour, makes an excellent sammy ! ! !

  4. Rachel

    Epic bacon! Most delicious ever. Thank you for crafting such a top class product.

  5. Lewis Mc

    Have been purchasing this since they started selling at the farmers market a few years ago. This is the only bacon I eat now.

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