Poaka Free Range Dry Cured Loin Bacon

NZD $9.95

Poaka Free Range Dry Cured Loin Bacon

NZD $9.95

300g vacuum pack, sliced 4mm thick



Poaka dry cured loin bacon cured with organic New Zealand salt and pure organic Canadian maple Syrup. The loin is one of the most tender cuts of pork. When the pork loin is dry cured into our bacon it is simply outstanding.  Of course our dry cured bacon is made with our Poaka Free Range, pasture raised pork. Sliced 4mm thick for the bacon experience! Our dry cured bacon has had the rind removed, but a nice fat cap over the meat remains.

Our bacon has no added water, in fact our dry curing process actually removes a lot of water from the bacon. This means our bacon crisps up beautifully, doesn’t shrivel up when cooked and remains sweet and juicy. Gluten Free

Our fresh sausages and bacon are dispatched on Thursday afternoon each week using the Courier Post overnight service. The sausages and bacon are packed in a special insulated cardboard shipping container along with an ice pack. This keep the items chilled for 48 hours to ensure your purchase arrives in a perfect and safe condition. The insulated cardboard shipping container can be reused or you can put it in the recycling bin where it is processed as normal cardboard.

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